What a Smoke Alarm can save your life

Posted on October 29th, 2018

If a house or unit is burnt down, and it’s found that the smoke alarms hadn’t been fixed properly, insurance companies could make a fuss to pay what they owe on the damaged unit or house. If the smoke alarm in your house is malfunctioning or not working, what you need is an experienced Smoke Alarm Electrician Rockingham.

At Perth Electricians, we install and maintain smoke alarm systems to ensure they are always in working order. So, what we’ve done is put together a list of things our clients can do to ensure their alarms are working. If you’d like us to check your alarms using our expertise on a quarterly or bi-annual basis for a small fee, we can also do that.

Essential Smoke Alarm Maintenance Tips from The Experts

1. Clean the smoke alarm

Dust and air can get into the pores of your fire alarm and clog it. Occasionally, use a feather duster or wand to clean the pores out. If smoke can’t get into the pores, the alarm won’t sound, and you could find yourself in a position that is compromised.

2. Replace your batteries every 6 months

Don’t wait for a fire to tell you your batteries need recharging. It’s an expensive mistake to make which can cost you much more than you bargained for.

3. Check every month that the alarm is working

Most smoke alarms come with a “Test” button. To be extra sure, light a candle and let the smoke waft into the smoke alarm. It should sound an alarm. If it does, provided the batteries are in good working condition and the pores of the alarm clean, you are safe – and so is your house.

4. Consider relocating the smoke alarm for it to better serve its purpose

What’s happening if your smoke alarm is going off too frequently? You’ve probably got it located too close to your cooking area. You may need to relocate the alarm to a place where it doesn’t pick up the fumes from daily cooking

Smoke alarms must be less than 10 years old

Nothing is forever, and this is true of smoke alarms as well. They break down the way everything else does eventually.

In most states, legislation requires you to check smoke alarms and replace them once they are ten years old.

If you don’t know how to do this yourself, then Perth Electricians can do it for you. Our fees are affordable, we install, maintain and change smoke alarms and other electrical devices for a living – so we are always more than happy to visit your home, inspect your alarms and replace them if we need to.

The safety of your home is something you should` never compromise on

When your alarm is in good working order, it keeps you and your family safe. And there is no premium you can place on this.

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