Electrical hazards? Under Control!

Posted on March 21st, 2018

Careless handling of electricity and electrical appliances has and does, kill and injure people. Over the years since its birth, there have been many horrendous accidents that have led to the loss of the most precious lives.

The accidents can be prevented from happening in the future and lives can be saved simply by staying aware of the possibilities that may lead to a terrible hazard.

Perth Electricians WA is available 24/7 and will provide you with professional help whenever you need it but we also want to see you safe and away from trouble so keep in mind all of the factors below:

Perth Electricians WA

Poor wiring

Poor wiring can lead to fires and power surges so in case of faulty wiring, do NOT take matters into your own hands and call us for help. Electricians at Perth Electricians WA are professionals who know all the right tips and tricks to keep you safe. It is also a good practise to get the wires checked regularly and have the old ones replaced. It is best never to compromise on the quality of the wiring and always get the best ones for your homes and offices. Heavy covering of wires can lead to overheating and may lead to an electrical fire.

Closeness to water

Switchboards and electrical sources should be installed away from the water source since water is a good conductor of electricity. NEVER use hair dryers or other electrical appliances inside washrooms since the air is humid and can very easily start a fire.

Wet hands

Strictly avoid coming into contact with electrical appliances with wet hands as it can give you a terrible electric shock.

Electrical fires

In case an electrical fire does start, pouring water on to it is the greatest and probably the last mistake you would make as it only provokes the fire and may also cause electrocution. The only way to put out an electrical fire is with a fire extinguisher so it is best to have a couple or two on site for just in case purposes.

Beware of the inquisitive

Toddlers and young children tend to be very curious about their surroundings and often make the mistake of inserting their fingers into sockets which causes serious injuries. If you have toddlers or young children at your place, add protection to the sockets so as to prevent small objects from being inserted in to them. Make sure all the sockets are at a safe height so that they are out of reach.

Extension Cords

Extension cords should not be carelessly lying around in the way. They should be placed tidily up in corners and should not be used for too many appliances all at once.

Light Bulbs

Even though light bulbs have been brightening up our world since quite some years now, it is a bad idea to underestimate the damage they can cause if handled carelessly. If kept near flammable materials like upholstery and plastics, they can do some pretty serious damage.

Light bulbs should always be switched off at the time of replacing with dry hands and they should be of the right wattage so as to prevent overheating.

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