Important Tips for Security Lighting

Posted on November 24th, 2017

Home security is really important for the safety of you and your family. You can ensure this safety by Installing Security Lighting as a preventative measure against burglary. Motion lights and lighting for burglary deterrence and nighttime security purposes are all examples of security lightening.

You will be rewarded with a sense of safety once you have installed security lighting. Intruders or burglars try not to be spotted or gather attention towards them. A house which is dark has more chances of break-ins. A house with security lighting installed will expose the burglars and will most certainly deter them.

Let’s have a look at some simple and logical tips for your own security lighting:

1. Mount Security Lightening High Enough

Security lighting should always be mounted really high so it is out of reach of intruders who might try to damage the light in any way. Thieves might try to unscrew the bulbs while you are away. Mounting them high enough will prevent them from being able to reach without a ladder.

2. Protect Your Lighting With Mesh or Other Shielding Methods

By protecting your security light with a mesh or cage you can secure it from breaking if someone throws a rock at the bulb. Manufacturers of security lights include this preventative screen and sometimes sell it as an add-on.

3. The More Lights The Better

Investing in multiple lights of low power is better than installing fewer lamps of high power. This is because the glare will be reduced making it difficult for an observer to see the area effectively. This will also provide few shadow zones with even lighting and more redundancy if one lamp bulb blows out.

4. Protect The Wiring Of Your Security Lighting

You can prevent tampering or disabling of your security light by using conduit wiring or bury wiring underground to protect the wiring to your lighting. Any exposed wire from the security light can be snipped or cut.

5. Use Multiple Circuits

It is best to use multiple electrical circuits for multiple lighting when installing security lighting in several areas. You will still have other live circuits to provide lighting if one circuit trips out.

6. Locked Outdoor Electrical Box

It is important to ensure that your circuit breaker and electric meter box is locked.

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