Smoke Alarms and Home Safety: All You Need to Know About Installing Smoke Alarms

Posted on August 28th, 2018

Smoke alarms are essential for the safety of the occupants of any property. While many smoke alarms are battery operated, there are also those that are wired into a property. Typically, an electrician for smoke alarms Perth is required for the installation of the smoke detectors. Electricity can be deadly, and all precautions must be taken, just as knowledge and experience are needed when working on the electrical wiring of a home or office.

Where should you install your smoke detectors?

While your electrician for smoke alarms Perth will be able to configure the best places in the home or office, typically, smoke detectors should be on each floor of a property. Smoke alarms should be at door entries, such as bedrooms and exit stairways, as well as in the hall and kitchen.

Smoke detectors need to be tested regularly. Detectors come with a button on the outside of the alarm which is pushed down to test the smoke alarm. If there is no battery to replace in the alarm, and the alarm is not functioning, contact your electrician for smoke detectors Perth asap, as safety is essential.

Maintenance of smoke alarms also includes cleaning your alarm. Every six months, your smoke alarms should be vacuumed. If you are in an area, and even if you are not, that is infested with bugs, you can protect your detectors with an insect spray, spraying the spray around each of the alarms. This will help to prevent bugs from entering the alarms.

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