Why You Need An RCD Installed In Your Home

Posted on August 10th, 2016

An RCD (Residual-Current Device) monitors the electrical current through a circuit and will stop the supply of electricity if a leak is detected from a fault. They act quickly to disconnect to power in order to prevent injury from electrocution. Perth to Rockingham Electricians can supply and fit RCD’s in your home to keep your family safe. Here’s why you need an RCD installed in your home.

A building or Buying a New Property

All new homes are required to have RCD’s installed on both the light and power circuits. If you are purchasing an established home RCD’s must be installed within 3 months of the property transfer if they are not already in. Don’t leave it to the last minute and get your RCD’s put in as soon as possible to protect you in your home and also any future owners.

Homes on the Rental Market

If you rent out a property they must have RCD’s installed within 6 months of signing a lease agreement. Using a professional electrician is the way to do this and you should have one installed straightaway to ensure your tenant’s safety. If you are renting a home that doesn’t have safety switches in place then contact your property manager as they should be present. If you have any concerns about the RCD’s in the home contact the real estate agent. They will be able to organise an electrician to have any issues addressed.

Only Use a Licensed Electrician

Don’t try and fit a safety switch yourself, only a qualified electrician should be installing and testing your RCD. They will be able to provide a safety certificate which you can give as proof when selling or renting out a property. To ensure it’s still keeping you and your family safe you can have it tested by an electrician. Every home should have RCD’s installed as they are crucial for safety.

RCD’s Save Lives

Electrical shocks can kill instantly so you want to do all you can to prevent them. There are conventional circuit breakers or fuses but they will only break the circuit if the total current is extreme. When this occurs, the damage may have already been done. Whereas RCD’s will notice minor leakages and cut the power before they can become dangerous. It’s not worth risking your own or others’ lives so it’s worth having a safety switch installed.

When you come to purchase a house whether it’s new or used it has to have an RCD installed. Even if you are only renting an RCD is a compulsory requirement on the light and power circuits. When you have a safety switch installed to make sure you use a licensed electrician. They save lives by cutting of the power before they can cause you any harm. Make sure you have them tested to ensure they are still working effectively. For all your RCD and other electrical needs contact Perth to Rockingham Electricians.