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Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms – little life savers

Smoke alarms are also called fire alarms. They detect fires by the smoke and send out a signal to the local house alarm. In many cases, smoke alarms are reporting directly to the local fire department. While this is often the case in commercial smoke alarms, smoke alarms usually used in residential buildings will create a loud noise beeping noise intended to warn those in the proximity of the suspected fire. Call us, and we will tell you more about smoke alarms and their capability of saving lives.

Can smoke alarms truly save lives?

Oftentimes when fires break out at night the smoke does most of the harm. During fires, a large amount of smoke is created that can cause humans to lose consciousness. It becomes especially when the people inside the house with the fire are asleep. In many cases, people who die from fires never awake from their sleep as the smoke causes them to lose consciousness. When fire alarms are present, the loud beeping noise that is meant to warn people is likely going to wake up those who are asleep. It is being estimated that, up two thirds of all fire, related deaths could be prevented if fire alarms are present and intact. Your Perth and Rockingham electricians will gladly answer more questions regarding smoke alarms and their capability of saving lives.

Are smoke alarms expensive?

Smoke alarms are much cheaper than most people would think. They are also relatively easy when it comes to maintenance. Usually powered by a single AA battery, smoke alarms can run on one such battery for quite some time. Even if they were more expensive than they are, it would be hard to call smoke alarms that can save lives, too expensive. We will gladly give you a free quote for any smoke alarms you are thinking about buying. Just call Perth and Rockingham electricians and our friendly representatives will supply you with a free quote.

How and where should smoke alarms be put up?

Smoke alarms are usually screwed into the ceiling in order to stay safe and secured. The last thing that you would want to happen is your smoke alarms to fall off the ceiling when you need them. It is best to install one smoke alarms with in main areas close to bedrooms in your house. The sooner the smoke is detected after the fire starts, the sooner you can react in order to protect yourself and your belongings. Your Perth and Rockingham electricians’ team will gladly help you with some useful tips and install your fire and smoke alarms for you.

How often should smoke alarms be checked for proper functionality?

It is best to check your smoke alarms as often as possible. Checking them once a year would be good, while even more often will only increase your level of safety. Call us and ask our representatives about the best way to check for functionality or simply ask about our servicing of your smoke alarms.

Tips on how to prevent residential fires:
Don’t leave on appliances when you leave

Nobody plans on setting their house on fire and yet it still happens far too often. Most of the residential fires are caused by carelessness of those living in the houses. Leaving electrical appliances such as the stove turned on when leaving the house can lead to fires like just a slight breeze can cause paper to blow on the stove and catch fire. Though only a small fire is created, it can spread and expand in size quickly, causing many other things in its vicinity to catch on fire, as well. Make sure to double check that everything is turned off before you leave. Sometimes it can save your property to follow your gut feeling and turn back when you have the feeling that you left something on.
Don’t smoke in the house

A lot of fires that break out in the house are caused by cigarettes that aren’t put out properly. They can fall on the floor and lead to a carpet or furniture to catch fire. Fires like this spread quickly, leaving not much time for extinguishing. The falling asleep with a lit cigarette is also a common reason for residential fires. A cigarette that falls on the bed, a pillow or blanket can quickly cause a fire that is life threatening. If you are a smoker, you should always make sure not to smoke when you are getting tired and falling asleep. IF you would like to know more about fire prevention at home, contact your Perth and Rockingham electricians. Our representatives are ready to answer any of your questions. Experience our service and schedule an appointment with one of our electricians to upgrade your house and make life as it is safer for you and your family.

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